Did you read the book?

First time buyers spend a lot of time reading on the internet how to buy their first home. Although a lot of useful information can be found in different blogs, most don’t paint the “real” picture of what’s going in the market right now. Most blogs or “books” paint an ideal situation, or something that applied when they wrote the book, or simple something that’s a good idea in a different state.

This information often make the prospective buyer miss out on a couple good buys as they learn what the local market is really doing. What can us REALTORS do? Not much. We have to be patient and let the buyer learn on his own. Unfortunately, I hear one too many times: “Man, that house we saw first was really a good deal”

My suggestion, is to talk to different REALTORS to get a better opinion on how to go about winning that right home early on. A common statement we use in the business when we see an offer that tells the story of an inexperienced buyer is: Did he read the book?


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