Geography: The Biggest Asset You’re Not Using in Your Listing

One of the biggest challenges that people face when listing a home on the market is creating a listing that is instantly unique from eneighborhoodvery other home on the market. This is especially true during the last couple of months where homes aren’t exactly flying off the market at a record pace. Most people include listings with hundreds of unnecessary words describing every last aspect of the home in excruciating detail. In reality, the biggest asset that not enough people are using in their listing is one of geography. More specifically, you should be selling not just the home itself, but the area where that home is located in.

To understand just how important geography can be to a home sale, you need to put yourself in the position of the buyer. After a certain point, all homes within a certain price range have a tendency to bleed together. They become indistinguishable from the next because they all have the same basic features. The strengths of the area where the home is located in, however, is one arrow in your proverbial quiver that competing sellers on the market just won’t be able to match.

If your two bedroom town home is located within walking distance from a great shopping mall, from one of the best restaurants in town or is near some other point of interest, for example, you should definitely be including that information in your listing. You’ll also want to point out nearby public transportation options, nearby colleges or universities and more. If you can sell the area the home is located in along with your home, that geography just might be enough to overcome certain shortcomings the home naturally has. Someone is more likely to buy a “fixer upper”, for example, if they know that the home is in a hip, young area that is always filled with great things to do at all hours of the day.


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